Shelley Zhang, PhD

Department of Computer and Information Science

Department Profile, Google Scholar


PhD, Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

MS, Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

BS, Computer Science, University of Science and Technology of China


CIS 160 – Exploring Computer Programming With Animation

CIS 180 – Object Oriented Programming

CIS 181– Object-Oriented Programming II

CIS 210 РUnderstanding  E-commerce Technologies

CIS 261 – Computer programming, FORTRAN

CIS 264 – Software Quality Assurance and Testing

CIS 322 – Data Structures and Fundamental Algorithms

CIS 360 – Algorithms and Data Structures

CIS 381 – Social and Ethical Issues of Computing

CIS 412 – Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

CIS 433 – Mobile App Development with Android

CIS 455 – Bioinformatics

CIS 522 – Advanced Algorithm Design and Complexity

CIS 561 – Artificial Intelligence

CIS 563 – MultiAgent Systems